mark crandell

Mark Crandell

Managing Director
mark crandell

Mark comes to The Park West Group with over 25 years of experience leading revenue growth teams at consumer technology brands like Sonos, Sony and TiVo. He has deep experience in Pro-AV and Residential CI as well as with companies developing emerging new technologies like Smart Home, EdTech and the fast-growing Cannabis-tech market.

He is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Ivy Consortium post-graduate studies and University of Tennessee’s executive management program. With a career path spanning large multinational corporations and early-stage start-ups, Mark has experienced the highs of successful IPO exits and the lows of failed endeavors, providing a unique perspective for identifying stellar talent at any level.  He is a widely connected, people-focused mentor/coach.
His own success has been fueled by a passion for understanding the human component that drives winning relationships.

Mark and his wife currently reside in an empty nest in Glen Rock, NJ.  He considers himself an aspiring foodie, technologist, audiophile, world traveler and enthusiastic lifelong learner.

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